Eurobronze Tanning

Eurobronze Tanning, renowned as the most awarded tanning salon in the Lower Mainland, has garnered significant recognition for its exceptional tanning, spray tan and infrared sauna services. This acclaim includes the prestigious Consumer Choice Award, highlighting their dedication to providing superior customer experiences and quality services.

State-of-the-Art Tanning Equipment 

Eurobronze boasts an impressive array of advanced tanning equipment. Imported and/or designed in Germany, their tanning beds, such as the Ergoline Open Sun 550, Affinity 600, KBL Space 2000 Stand-up, and Ergoline Sundash & Ambitions lay down beds, are designed for maximum comfort and efficiency. These beds feature turbo power UV lamps, high-performance facial tanners, and adjustable ventilation systems to ensure a relaxing and effective tanning experience​​. 

Diverse Tanning Solutions and Personalized Care 

In addition to their tanning service, Eurobronze offers a variety of tanning solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. Their spray tan/airbrush services are particularly noteworthy. Using the top-rated sunless solution in North America, Eurobronze ensures a natural-looking, long-lasting tan. Clients can choose from a range of services including full body, legs, and face spray tans. The salon takes pride in its master technician who not only provides expert service but also educates clients on skin preparation and maintenance for optimal tanning results​​. 

Infrared Sauna and Chromotherapy for Holistic Wellness 

Eurobronze Tanning also offers infrared sauna sessions, providing a holistic approach to wellness and relaxation. These sessions complement the tanning services, offering clients an opportunity to unwind and enjoy the extensive and proven health benefits associated with infrared saunas. 

A Commitment to Excellence and affordabilty

Eurobronze Tanning’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its services. They are dedicated to ensuring a private and comfortable experience for each client with keeping in mind to have the most competitive prices in the lower mainland and Vancouver area. This commitment to quality, cleanliness and customer satisfaction is evident in their recognition as the Consumer Choice Award winner and their status as the most awarded tanning salon in the region. 

Accessible and Convenient Location 

Eurobronze Tanning is conveniently located to serve a wide range of clients in the Lower Mainland. They cater to areas including Langley, North Surrey, Maple Ridge, Cloverdale and beyond, making their top-tier tanning services accessible to a broad clientele​​. When it comes to its Spray tan service, Eurobronze was able to attract clients from all over Vancouver area and the lower mainland where convenience was put on the side for the sake of the reputation of getting perfect results as claimed by the customers.

Engagement and Community Presence 

Their active engagement with the community and presence on various social media platforms underscore their commitment to staying connected with their clients and the public. This approach has undoubtedly contributed to their multiple awards and recognitions. 

Contact and Further Information 

For those interested in experiencing the award-winning services of Eurobronze, more information is available on our Instagram page. You can also contact them directly at 604-888-8915 to book an appointment or inquire about their services​​. 

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